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Are you ready to take your workout routine to the next level? Have you been looking for a gym that is encouraging and gets results? Maybe you’ve been wondering how to get started in CrossFit. Whatever your motivation is, CrossFit Fortius East wants to welcome you with open arms.

Regardless of your fitness level we can help you get started with a great CrossFit or Olympic Weight Training routine. All of our Workouts of the day are designed to fit multiple levels from beginners to advanced.  We’ll give you the instructions and assistance to makes sure you are performing all of the movements with precision to avoid injuries and get you on the path to surpassing your personal records. This approach to training allows our members to jump right into the routine rather than requiring an introduction or beginners CrossFit class. We’re going to make sure you get through the WOD and feel great after.

If you are looking to enhance your weight training skills, we have you covered, we can help you get stronger. With beginner to more advanced we can help you perfect your form.

Come on down and give us a try. Take a free week to meet the Fortius Family and get started on reaching your fitness goals.

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So you just signed up, what should you expect?

What is CrossFit? It is a workout regimen that gets you good at just about everything (running, weightlifting, gymnastics etc) with a simple approach. All classes are Coach-Led WOD (Workout Of the Day) that you have to perform. Do a WOD 3-5 times a week and you’ll get in the best shape of your life.

Do new members have to attend and On Ramp Program? No, we will not force our members into an expensive On-Ramp program. That being said, we have to allow for our members to learn the techniques and movements to maximize their fitness. Instead we offer heavily coached classes and we offer regularly scheduled Techniques Classes.


Can a new member you sign up for whatever class they like? Yes, All CrossFit Classes are Coached and follow the similar format. Coach Led: Warm Up (10Min), Skill Work (10Min), Strength (20min) and Conditioning (20min) (or Conditioning then Strength). All of our classes offering scaling options at Levels 1-4 and we will offer a level on that scale to ease you into the workload.

Are Techniques classes beginners classes? No, they are for anyone wanting to build upon their current abilities by improving technique and get to the next level.

What can you expect during CrossFit Technique classes? We allot the first 30 minutes of class to warm up and break down the movements to ensure our members are performing these movements in a safe, consistent and efficient manner before applying intensity of the days WOD. We drill those movements as a warm up and then we hit the same WOD as all other classes at the appropriate intensity to maintain sound movement and technique.

Will members get results if they only perform regular classes? Yes, you will get better doing Class WOD’s! Sound Technique helps us practice safe, consistent mechanics of any new movement before applying the intensity. That is the recipe for avoiding plateaus and stagnation.

Is it ok to scale or modify? Yes, most athletes do not come out of the gate doing the prescribed workouts as RX (RX =Level 3). We have a very long term view of CrossFit, you have plenty of time to get better. We advise new members to start with technique classes, 3 WOD’s in a week and then add 1 class a week as they become more comfortable. Some members do not attend Technique Classes and they have shown great results.

Will i have to take rest and recovery days? You are going to be sore, eat well, get your rest and ease into it. If you have any questions, ask a coach, another member, anyone! We are all here to fun and make your experience more enjoyable. As you CrossFit more you will have to scale less and have less muscle soreness. Soon you will be the envy of your friends and family.

Can I invite my friends or family? Yes we highly encourage members to include their friends and family as CrossFit has a way of becoming a critical piece in our members lives! We even offer referral bonuses to those members that bring us new members.

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